49. On the uniformity of the lower chromosphere

Richard N. Thomas, R. G. Athay
1957 Symposium - International astronomical union  
It is appropriate at a solar session during a radio astronomy conference to report on an analysis of optical observations to infer the properties of a non-spherically-symmetric chromosphere. For the first detailed model of such a non-symmetric chromosphere was that presented by Giovanelli (1949) [1] in an attempt to reconcile apparent contradictions between radio and optical data. Here we summarize some investigations based only on optical data, obtained by the High Altitude Observatory at the
more » ... Observatory at the 1952 eclipse. Our observations of this eclipse were obtained as part of a joint programme with the Naval Research Laboratory, which conducted radio observations. Dr Hagen reports on the radio material (papers 46 and 47). The optical data in the present paper come from hydrogen and helium alone, the metallic data being still in reduction.
doi:10.1017/s007418090004924x fatcat:34midap7hbab3f5sv5beujyfb4