Sosyal Hizmet Perspektifiyle Yaşlının Yaşam Alanlarında Arkadaşlık Ağları: Güle Güle Filmi Örneği

Sümeyye Beyza ABAY ALYÜZ
2022 Turkish Studies - Comparative Religious Studies  
Social networks that are considered the most valuable for the elderly are primarily family and kinship networks. Family and kinship networks are important in meeting the basic needs of the elderly, especially their care needs, and their psychological needs such as love and appreciation. The main orientation in the organization of formal and informal support mechanisms, especially for solidaristic social structures, is on strengthening family and kinship networks. This study focuses on the
more » ... ship networks of the elderly and emphasizes the importance of friendship networks for the life of the elderly, as well as family and kinship networks. Friendship networks have gained even more importance in modern society relations as people have more spatial memory and the elderly tend to continue active life in relation to culture and education level. In this study, a systematic content analysis was carried out for the research categories in the movie "Güle Güle", which was made in 1999, which is about the friendship relations of five elderly individuals. The research categories focused on the elderly problems of the five friends in the movie, the state of the social networks of the elderly, the quantity and quality of friendship networks, and how friendship networks contribute to the well-being of older people. In the representation of the elderly friendship reflected in the film, it is seen that friendship networks have an important social support potential. The data of the study supports the prediction that friendship networks are an important alternative network for the elderly, with the effect of change and transformation in the family basis, aging profile that changes with increasing education level, supported active life, and successful aging policies. The results obtained in the research were evaluated with the theoretical background of social field and social resource oriented social work, and it was aimed to contribute to the social work literature and practice.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.57717 fatcat:amajmlnuevb2fpqfobsauh4gvy