Adjustable intensity-hue-saturation and Brovey transform fusion technique for IKONOS/QuickBird imagery

Te-Ming Tu
2005 Optical Engineering: The Journal of SPIE  
Among various image fusion methods, intensity-huesaturation ͑IHS͒ and Brovey transforms ͑BT͒ can quickly merge huge amounts of IKONOS/QuickBird imagery. However, spectral degradation often appears in the fused images. Moreover, IHS and BT suffer from individual color distortion on saturation compression and saturation stretching, respectively. To balance these two saturation changes during the fusion process, an adjustable IHS-BT approach with spectral adjustment is proposed. Furthermore, to
more » ... ve the typical bright target recovery ͑BTR͒ problems, a simple procedure of dynamic range adjustment ͑DRA͒ is also presented. By adopting different DRA techniques, the proposed IHS-BT method is divided into two different fusion approaches: the model of preserving spectral information and the model of enhancing spatial details. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed combined approaches can achieve significant improvement over other current approaches.
doi:10.1117/1.2124871 fatcat:i7n7ubrur5d2rmiepliuriunhq