Establishment of a Pediatric Trigger Tool Based on Global Trigger Tool to Identify Adverse Drug Events of Children: Experience in a Chinese hospital [post]

2020 unpublished
Background: The Global Trigger Tool (GTT),which is a method using "triggers" to review medical record retrospectively to identify possible adverse events. Several studies showed that the GTT was effective. However, there were only a few localized trigger tools that had been established to detect pediatric adverse drug events (ADEs) in China. This study aimed to establish a pediatric trigger tool based on GTT, to examine the performance by detecting pediatric inpatients ADEs in a Chinese
more » ... (a retrospective review), and to investigate the factors associating with the occurrence of ADEs. Methods: The triggers were established by three steps including literature search, triggers extraction and revision, and experts investigation. A retrospective cohort study was conducted to detect ADEs by using 200 pediatric inpatient records of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital.Results: 33 preliminary triggers were established, and 2 rounds of experts investigation were conducted. Finally, 33 triggers were established. In the retrospective review, the positive trigger rate was 64.0%, while the positive predictive value (PPV) was 24.9%. The occurrence of inpatients with ADEs was 20.5%. ADEs/100 patients were 49.0. ADEs/1000 patients days were 46.89. The most common ADE categories were leukocyte abnormalities, skin lesions and platelet abnormalities. The severity of 39 ADEs was grade 1, 55 ADEs was grade 2, 4 ADEs was grade 3. The highest frequency of ADE-related drugs was antineoplastic, followed by antibacterial. The length of stay and the leukemia in the diagnosed diseases were positively correlated with ADEs. Conclusion: The 33 pediatric triggers may detect ADEs effectively, but still need to be optimized. This study may provide some references for further research in order to improve the rationality and safety of medication.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:dvg3aox4g5eatjlsyscwwghpae