The Replication in Varying Fanout Indexing Technique for Skewed Access Patterns in the Wireless Mobile Environments

Mani Pandey, Vikas Goel
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Due to limited battery power, the most important issue in mobile computing is energy saving. The energy efficiency can be achieved through indexed data organization over wireless channels. In this paper, we explore the balanced and imbalanced index tree with varying fanout over skewed data. We purpose a varying fanout indexing technique with replication for skewed data over a single wireless communication channel. The proposed indexing technique is compared and analyzed with the fixed fanout
more » ... exing technique for skewed data over a single wireless channel. The result shows the decrease in directory miss and the depth of the tree is also reduced.
doi:10.5120/8027-1252 fatcat:sunwikibhbeghozbyvus3lpxpi