J Kaminskaya
, student EDm-31 O.R. Gladchenko, senior teacher L.P. Yarmak, senior teacher Sumy State University This article provides a comparative analysis of risk assessment of non-carcinogenic effects connected with the environmental hazards in Donetsk region. The methodology of risk is actively developing in Ukraine nowadays. The risk of contaminant exposure of species is defined as the probability of a person to have any adverse effect as a result of the impact. The concept of environmental risk can
more » ... nmental risk can provide a quantitative description of the environmental hazards of a wide class of phenomena and processes. This quality of risk assessment is interesting for environmental monitoring. A comparative analysis of risk assessment was made in selected settlements in Donetsk region, in Donetsk, Yenakievo, Gorlivka, Makiyivka, Mariupol, Thorez, Slaviansk and Artemovsk. This risk assessment is connected with the health of population and non-carcinogenic effects of air pollution. We calculated the individual non-carcinogenic systematic toxicity risk; annual non carcinogenic risk (the amount of toxic effects), risk characterization of carcinogenic effects when nitrogen dioxide and undifferentiated dust enter simultaneously during inhalation. The purpose of this report is to give the definition of the development of non carcinogenic effects on human health associated with air pollution in the residential areas of Donetsk region. To analyze the relationship of environmental risk of carcinogenic activity and health status the rates of aging population in the cities were calculated. To calculate the environmental risk we used two methods: the first was used in the Kurolap's study and the second is named "Guidance on the assessment of environmental risk when exposed to chemicals that pollute the environment". According to the data calculated by the method of Kurolap in the Donetsk region the highest level of risk of nitrogen dioxide and dust air pollution was observed in Mariupol. Then go Makeevka, Donetsk, Gorlivka, Yenakievo. The relatively low level of risk is observed in such cities as Donetsk, Slovyansk, Thorez. According to the methods of risk assessment we can say that if the values of the calculated risks do not exceed one point, the chances of having a harmful effect on human life are not essential and this effect is characterized as acceptable.