Heterogeneous Iridium Oxide/Gold Nanocluster for Non-enzymatic Glucose Sensing and pH Probing

Qiuchen Dong, Xudong Wang, Haomin Liu, Heejeong Ryu, Jing Zhao, Baikun Li, Yu Lei
2019 Engineered Science  
In this work, heterogeneous gold-doped iridium oxide nanoclusters (IrO -Au NCs) that are both pH-sensitive and glucose-responsive were 2 synthesized through electrospinning followed by high-temperature calcination. The as-prepared IrO -Au NCs were systematically characterized 2 using various advanced techniques including scanning electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. They were then employed as the sensing element to fabricate a sensor for both non-enzymatic
more » ... non-enzymatic glucose sensing and solid-state pH monitoring. Sensing performance of the IrO -Au NCs based dual sensor toward pH and glucose was evaluated using various electrochemical techniques, including 2 potentiometric, cyclic voltammetry and amperometric techniques. The results show that the as-prepared IrO -Au NCs not only maintain accurate 2 and reversible pH sensitivity derived from IrO , but also demonstrate good electrocatalytic activity resulted from Au toward glucose oxidation in 2 -1 -2 alkaline medium at a low applied potential with a sensitivity of 21.20 A mM cm , a limit of detection of 2.93 M (S/N=3) and a reasonable μ μ selectivity against various interferences. These features show that the as-prepared IrO -Au NCs hold great promise as a dual-functional sensing 2 material for the development of a high-performance sensor for both solid-state pH and non-enzymatic glucose sensing.
doi:10.30919/es8d512 fatcat:p3cllfakgrbmlgx442242aedwi