Image and Space: Qing Yang "Eight Sights" Culture during the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Xinghe Lei, Longdong University Institute of History and Geography, China
2018 International Journal of Culture and History (EJournal)  
Eight sights", in Qing yang city during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is a typical representative of the urban landscape in regional society, "eight sights" in Qing yang city and other "eight sights" in each country of Qing yang are presented to us a good picture and rich historical and cultural relics, showing the profound meaning of magical calculating culture, meanwhile constructing the urban spatial structure with artistic style. "Eight sights" embodies the marvelous combination of cultural
more » ... andscape and the natural one, the symbol of magical calculation and art image; it also embodies the implication of beauty and the miracle space structure, at the same time the beauty of the picture mixed with legends of mystery and real sights. Index Terms-Qing yang, eight sights image.
doi:10.18178/ijch.2018.4.2.117 fatcat:7n7e547ukjbbfduormklrod5cm