Community consultation by the Department of Conservation An independent review Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment (CRESA)

Hugh Logan
1998 unpublished
Foreword This timely report will help in our commitment to achieving effective consultation-necessary for sustainable decisions. The results show that there are successes and failures in the way that we do things. The report provides us with important feedback from our customers. We can learn from any past weaknesses and take the advice of those we consult with. There is also plenty in the report that we can take heart from-those who provided critical comment for this report also noted the real
more » ... also noted the real improvements the department has made over the last few years. I support the recommendations made and believe that the department's new structure, with an emphasis on quality and community relations, provides the basis for their achievement. The new consultation policy, supported by appropriate training policy, will equip management and staff with the framework and skills they need to meet the department's consultation obligations and needs. The new emphasis on community relations creates a context within which consultation forms a logical part of wise management. As a next step to achieving effective consultation, the department, at all levels, is working towards developing formal agreements with its associates-these forming the basis of ongoing interaction and the monitoring of these interactions. Abstract 6