Irradiated disks and planet population synthesis [article]

W. Benz, N. Cabral, L. Fouchet, Y. Alibert, C. Mordasini, R Samadi, D Valls-Gabaud, S Boissier, M Heydari-Malayeri
2010 unpublished
Recent planet population synthesis models (Alibert et al. 2010, submitted) have emphasized the key role played by the proto-planetary disk properties in determining the overall planet population characteristics. We present a disk model that takes into account viscous heating and irradiation by a central star. We consider the case of an equilibrium flaring angle. We illustrate the consequences of the resulting changes in the disk structure on the planet population by the synthetic populations corresponding to each of the different structures.
doi:10.7892/boris.4830 fatcat:rh37timezzezfe3fdhf7nco7wq