Morphological features of changes of a myocardium and kidney at action of sydnocarb and in conditions of correction by neuroleptics

Tverdokhlib I.V., Drozdov O.L., Mashtalir M.A., Demchenko O.M.
2009 Морфологія  
The aim of the research was to carry out the studying of state of rat nephrons and atrial myocardium in conditions of subacute effect of sydnocarb and in its combination with aminazine and sulpiride. In conditions of subacute effect of sydnocarb ultrastructural attributes of an exhaustion of secretory apparatus of cardiomyocytes mainly in structure of the right auricle and right atrium in a combination with compensative phenomena in structure of a left atrium and the left auricle myocardium are
more » ... icle myocardium are observed. Deep decompensation of secretive functions of atrial cardiomyocytes occurs on a background of alienation from regulatory influences on the part of Golgi apparatus. Thus are marked essential pathomorphological changes in structure of vascular and epithelial components of renal corpuscle, and also infringement tinctorial properties of cells of nephron canaliculi. The use of neuroleptics (aminazine in a doze of 5 mg/kg and sulpiride in a doze of 100 mg/kg) during the first week of subacute effect of sydnocarb (5 mg/kg) moderate increase of numerical density of atrial granules in structure of the right auricle and right atrium with the further preservation secretory activity of cardiomyocytes in 14 day of experiment are observed. Thus in structure of kidneys attributes of moderate increase filtrational and reabsorbtive activity of nephrons with preservation of the general tissue structure of renal cortex and medulla are marked.
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