Bubble-raft collapse and the nonequilibrium dynamics of two-state elastica

Chin-Chang Kuo, Devin Kachan, Alex J. Levine, Michael Dennin
2016 Physical review. E  
We report on the collapse of bubble rafts under compression in a closed rectangular geometry. A bubble raft is a single layer of bubbles at the air-water interface. A collapse event occurs when bubbles submerge beneath the neighboring bubbles under compression, causing the structure of the bubble raft to go from single-layer to multi-layer. We studied the collapse dynamics as a function of compression velocity. At higher compression velocity we observe a more uniform distribution of collapse
more » ... tion of collapse events, whereas at lower compression velocities the collapse events accumulate at the system boundaries. We propose that this system can be understood in terms of a linear elastic sheet coupled to a local internal (Ising) degree of freedom. The two internal states, which represent one bubble layer versus two, couple to the elasticity of the sheet by locally changing the reference state of the material. By exploring the collapse dynamics of the bubble raft, one may address the basic nonlinear mechanics of a number of complex systems in which elastic stress is coupled to local internal variables. PACS numbers:
doi:10.1103/physreve.93.032613 pmid:27078420 fatcat:a4qz34567bfqrmoinyrimkbhpy