Histological Study of the Isthmus Segment of the Oviduct in Female Turkey at Egg-Laying Stage

Kh Balash, E Al-Baghdady
2013 Journal of Vet.Med.Sci   unpublished
The histological pattern of the isthmus segment of the oviduct in laying turkey was conducted on five adult and healthy females. Morphometric measurements were obtained for thickness of mucosa, height and thickness of mucosal folds, epithelial height, and thickness of muscular coat. The result revealed that the mucosa consisted of longitudinal, broad folds carried secondary ones. The epithelial lining was pseudostratified columnar comprised two cell types, ciliated and non-ciliated cells. The
more » ... liated cells. The glands were tubular coiled branched showing secretory activity, tunica muscularis was well developed and consisted of two layers.