Spatial correlation between the predictor variables and the weighting values calculated during the mapping of the environmental factors of mass movements in the Beni Idder region (northern Rif)

Brahim L. Ait, A. I. Jemmah, M. Bousta, I. El Hamdouni, A. Abdelouafi, A. El Mahsani, I. Lallout, A. Labraimi, F.Z Et Merouni, A. Diouri, A. Boukhari, L. Ait Brahim (+5 others)
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The Tleta of Beni Ider region located in the SW of Tetouan ( Rif Septentrional) knows many mass instabilities. The diagnostic via the inventory, the mapping and the characterization of mass movements was made by using satellite imagery, aerial photography and field data coupled with existing documents (geological, geomorphological,...). The understanding of both their spatial distribution and the mechanism generating them, is very complex because of the existence of an important number of
more » ... l factors (geological, geomorphological, hydrological) in a relative mountainous landscape with deep valleys, steep slopes and significant elevation changes. Thus, a multidisciplinary approach was adopted to elaborate the landslide susceptibility map of the region taking into account interactions and causal relationships between the various natural parameters that tend to accentuate and aggravate the setting of landslides. The multidisciplinary database allowed us to evaluate the susceptibility thanks to a bivariate probabiliste model (Weight of Evidence). The obtained landslide susceptibility map is a major contribution to the development of urban development plans in the region.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201814902074 fatcat:vmcmhd6jmzajrpkroufyjnjbsu