Complete quantum control of exciton qubits bound to isoelectronic centres

G. Éthier-Majcher, P. St-Jean, G. Boso, A. Tosi, J. F. Klem, S. Francoeur
2014 Nature Communications  
In recent years, impressive demonstrations related to quantum information processing have been realized. The scalability of quantum interactions between arbitrary qubits within an array remains however a significant hurdle to the practical realization of a quantum computer. Among the proposed ideas to achieve fully scalable quantum processing, the use of photons is appealing because they can mediate long-range quantum interactions and could serve as buses to build quantum networks. Quantum dots
more » ... or nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond can be coupled to light, but the former system lacks optical homogeneity while the latter suffers from a low dipole moment, rendering their large-scale interconnection challenging. Here, through the complete quantum control of exciton qubits, we demonstrate that nitrogen isoelectronic centres in GaAs combine both the uniformity and predictability of atomic defects and the dipole moment of semiconductor quantum dots. This establishes isoelectronic centres as a promising platform for quantum information processing.
doi:10.1038/ncomms4980 pmid:24875932 fatcat:j3vnejejafds5fkfaeljn4eipi