Sound of Music in Rocks

S Subbulakshmi
2022 Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities  
In India many Rock Pillars had occupied a distinguished and special place in Architecture. Especially the Musical Pillars, which produce melodic tones when tapped. They can also be called natural singing Rocks. Among the temples in different regions of Tamilnadu with the Musical Pillars are Nellai Appar Temple in Thirunelveli, Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, Thaanumaal Ayan Temple in Susindram, Alwaar Thirunagari Temple in Thirunelveli, Shembagaraama Nallur Temple in Thirunelveli,
more » ... hwarar Temple in Dhaaraasuram, Dhaadikkombu Temple in Dindukkal, Varadaraajar Temple in Kanchipuram. In India, there are Three types of Musical stones are seen. According to a Petrological study, Metamorphic Rocks turn into Granites. From these Granites, Musical Pillars are carved out of a single block of Granite. According to a Mineralogical study, the Rocks are Resonants in nature not only because of the metallic ores present but also because of more Silica in them.
doi:10.34293/sijash.v9i3.4484 fatcat:pomlxzbervcnfhqtwndf6bdxjq