V. T. Chambers
1877 Canadian Entomologist  
The nearest known ally of this species is the EuropeanC. Brongniardellum, notC. calicellaSt., as I suggested before I knewBrongniardellum.Albanotellamakes a large, somewhat tentiform mine, on the under surface of oak leaves (Q. obtusilobaandQ. alba); the mine is at first long, winding andNepticuli-form, ending in the large tentiform blotch. The lanva, before leaving the mine, becomes pinkish red. In the breeding cage it pupates in a cocoonet which it spins on the surface of the leaves. I have
more » ... ver met with the pupa elsewhere, nor have I ever, although I have seen hundreds of the mines, found one on the upper surface of the leaf.
doi:10.4039/ent9123-7 fatcat:fwdsmq2p5fburhxjslt5zqr5mu