Twórczość maryjna Andrzeja Nikodemowicza

Kinga Krzymowska-Szacoń
2017 Roczniki Teologiczne  
A b s t r a c t. Polish Marian devotion has got a long and plentiful tradition, witnessed by numerous works of art dedicated to Mary, Mother of God. Many contemporary Polish composers are willingly reaching for Marian theme, among whom figure of Andrzej Nikodemowicz excels. In his works pieces devoted to Mary form a significant contribution, being nearly half of his religious works. As well as his whole oeuvre, his Marian works are diversified in terms of style and structure. However, they
more » ... However, they invariably represent a testimony of both profound faith (which has survived political persecutions) and close relation between A. Nikodemowicz and Mary the Mother. The following article includes general characteristic of the Marian works of Andrzej Nikodemowicz, taking cognisance of the background of the work as well as the sources of his inspiration. In order to show exemplary solutions applied by the composer, the author included a short but detailed analysis of three selected pieces from different periods of his work.
doi:10.18290/rt.2017.64.13-4 fatcat:u2b77uvyazdjflkvhkas5tb7y4