The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, August 9, 1876] [article]

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Wedno^ays and Saturdays, OEO JNOI^IMJiS The Guoter'B chaiu which is comnronlj-used in. rorveyrn.«j is named after Edinuud Ganler, who died ia 1(>26. Tlie advacuiRo of me punter chain iu meirsuriiiy landia thei.ici;i.y which it afi'ordw for numerical calcu lation. Tiic Euplish acre ---' 4Ut,IUU« CftW4«3 Office, --■-f ^------;~j » '■•-■ fcft;.artie»Op 22 'ih icr.;,'!!;" sVj square of which i-» 484 a (tquare cbiun is e: KATBS OK Hi'scnrrrrnK.
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