A SOM-based system for web surface inspection

Jukka Iivarinen, Jussi Pakkanen, Juhani Rauhamaa, Jeffery R. Price, Fabrice Meriaudeau
2004 Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection XII  
In this paper a system for web surface inspection is described. It has three parts: an image acquisition part, a defect detection part, and a defect classification part. The self-organizing maps (SOMs) are used both in defect detection and in defect classification which makes the system adaptable to different types of surfaces and defects. Our main focus is on defect classification where a generic content-based image retrieval (CBIR) system called PicSOM is utilized. The PicSOM uses
more » ... red SOMs (TS-SOMs) and relevance feedback. It is trained with the feature sets of the defects in the database. For defect description, features from the MPEG-7 standard (the homogeneous texture, the color structure, and the edge histogram) are used and for the shape description our own shape feature set is applied. Results indicate that the system works with a high level of success.
doi:10.1117/12.526617 fatcat:w6fit272w5cn3dodbvudoisqju