Experimental Research on Heterogeneous N2O Decomposition with Ash and Biomass Gasification Gas

Junjiao Zhang, Yongping Yang, Xiaoying Hu, Changqing Dong, Qiang Lu, Wu Qin
2011 Energies  
In this paper, the promoting effects of ash and biomass gas reburning on N 2 O decomposition were investigated based on a fluidized bed reactor, with the assessment of the influence of O 2 on N 2 O decomposition with circulating ashes. Experimental results show that different metal oxides contained in ash play distinct roles in the process of N 2 O decomposition with biomass gas reburning. Compared with other components in ash, CaO is proven to be very active and has the greatest promoting
more » ... t on N 2 O decomposition. It is also found that O 2 , even in small amounts, can weaken the promoting effect of ash on N 2 O decomposition by using biomass gas reburning.
doi:10.3390/en4112027 fatcat:ldwazzhso5gxxixuoicuzrupvm