Soil Health Educational Resources

James Hoorman
2015 unpublished
Soil health and cover crops are topics of interest to farmers, gardeners, and students. Three soil health and cover crop demonstrations provide educational resources. Demonstrations one outlines two educational cover crop seed displays, including the advantages and disadvantages. Demonstration two shows how to construct and grow a cover crop root and shoot display. Demonstration three offers several soil health websites, bulletins and books, and videos on growing and managing cover crops. These
more » ... cover crops. These educational resources may be used to educate Extension clientele on soil health concepts. Exercise #1: Cover Crops Seed Displays Extension clientele are interested in learning how to plant, drill, or broadcast cover crop seeds. Visual cover crop seed displays enhance education and learning. Free cover crop seed may be obtained from local dealers or at soil health workshops. Materials Required Seed Display One 64 glass containers (0.5-inch diameter, 2-inch long) Metal display case