Eski Tamlamalardan Yeni Tamlamalara

2013 Turkish Studies  
Bu makale Crosscheck sistemi tarafından taranmış ve bu sistem sonuçlarına göre orijinal bir makale olduğu tespit edilmiştir. ABSTRACT The term always attracted the attention of both the Ottoman intellectuals and modern intellectuals but it is according to the rule were mostly Persian's determinative rules with the movement of Tanzimat. But there are also done a few rule of Arabic's determinative groups. The number of Turkish determinative groups are very limited. Most of the Turkish
more » ... e groups are names of trees and plants. For obey the Turkish determinative groups derive the term, but has been raised in the Republican period. Thus, the determinative group's word make up attention has been noted Turkish word. To the period of the Republic is not possible to create phrases using Turkish words but terms are Turkic and protect of vitability after the Republic. Terms creates more problems in the medical field. The foundation of the problem is based on Old Anatolian Turkish. In this article determinative groups collected two main categories term of those and normal use of language. Determinative groups also classified according to construction. Attention has been given terms of those in the classification. During normal use determinative groups evaluated according to name phrases and adjective clause. Corroborated by way of example topics not in the nature of the term and stereotyped terms in name. Phrases adjective clauses are expanded with the examples. Which is a term that determinative groups the Persian, Arabic and Turkish formations were examined according to the rules. Then processed of terms is presented old and new provisions as an index. As a result, the determinative groups that make up this study were found to be quite successful in efforts to Turkic words.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.5356 fatcat:ortsa23sbvhszbcyfvdnumzkei