Manipuri Learning Module: Binodini'S Asangba Nongjabi (Manipuri In Roman) [article]

Somi Roy
2017 Zenodo  
Asangba Nongjabi (Roman) Binodini Roman Version by L. Somi Roy, 2017 Copyright: L. Somi Roy and Imasi: The Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi Foundation The Manipuri Learning Module is a group of interlinked language, linguistics, literature and AV components based on Asangba Nongjabi, a modern Manipuri play by M. K. Binodini Devi. It is designed to be a learning tool for English-speaking, non-Manipuri scholars and students to learn Manipuri, while gaining insight into Manipuri culture and society
more » ... h a classic of modern Manipuri literature. It is an initiative of Imasi: The Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi Foundation of Manipur. From the Book Jacket: In Crimson Rainclouds, a Manipuri play from the 1960s, an artist determined to uphold his freedom is torn between his two loves, both only too gentle in their demands, and yet deeply caring. A sensitive man, he chooses art, knowing full well that he lets them down. While Indu would like him to change his lifestyle just a little bit, for recognition and comfort, Keinatombi would be happy to give him the little care and comfort that she thinks he needs for his art. For the time being at least, Gautam would go with her. The play draws on the playwright's interactions with Ramkinkar Baij (1906-80), the eminent sculptor, with whom she studied in Santiniketan, and who has left behind a whole suite of sculptures and paintings of Binodini. The English translation of the play appears for the first time, followed by the original, now out of print, in both the Bangla and Meitei Mayek scripts; along with stills from two productions of the play and a couple of paintings of Binodini by Ramkinkar Baij, and a self-portrait by Binodini. Born a princess, Maharajkumari Binodini Devi (7 February 1922–17 January 2011), broke free from the constraints of royalty to live to the full—the life of an enlightened commoner, and emerge as an iconic pioneer in the evolution of Manipuri modernism, through her outstanding contributions to fiction, theatre, cinema, poetry, visual arts and [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.839521 fatcat:bgej75zdhnaydkhakwkqvrxtz4