Numerical modeling for cooling process of a moving hot plate by a laminar water curtain

Natsuo Hatta, Hiroyuki Osakabe
1989 ISIJ International  
Thepresent paper is concerned with a predictable model for the temperature change of a horizontally moving hot steel plate cooled by a laminar water curtain. Thenumerical results calculated by the model presented here give a fairly close agreement with the results of cooling test The effect of the traveling velocity of the hot plate on the cooling intensity has beenexaminedfrom a numerical as well as experimental point of view. It has been found that the film boiling occurs ev9n on the water
more » ... v9n on the water impinging surface beyond a certain traveling velocity, and therefore the cooling intensity is decreased to an appreciable degree. It has been suggested from such facts that there is a critical velocity determining whether the film boiling occurs or not.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.29.919 fatcat:jm3o4xiz5zadnfebsnhpcugo4a