An Early Warning Sign of Critical Transition in The Antarctic Ice Sheet – A Data Driven Tool for Spatiotemporal Tipping Point [article]

Abd AlRahman AlMomani, Erik Bollt
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Our recently developed tool, called Directed Affinity Segmentation was originally designed for data-driven discovery of coherent sets in fluidic systems. Here we interpret that it can also be used to indicate early warning signs of critical transitions in ice shelves as seen from remote sensing data. We apply a directed spectral clustering methodology, including an asymmetric affinity matrix and the associated directed graph Laplacian, to reprocess the ice velocity data and remote sensing
more » ... ite images of the Larsen C ice shelf. Our tool has enabled the simulated prediction of historical events from historical data, fault lines responsible for the critical transitions leading to the break up of the Larsen C ice shelf crack, which resulted in the A68 iceberg. Such benchmarking of methods using data from the past to forecast events that are now also in the past is sometimes called post-casting, analogous to forecasting into the future. Our method indicated the coming crisis months before the actual occurrence.
arXiv:2004.09724v2 fatcat:cd6kssfh4ncizbrarlozq6bu6q