Light and heavy dark matter particles

C. Bœhm, P. Fayet, J. Silk
2004 Physical Review D  
It has recently been pointed out that the 511 keV emission line detected by Integral/SPI from the bulge of our galaxy could be explained by annihilations of light Dark Matter particles into e^+ e^-. If such a signature is confirmed, then one might expect a conflict with the interpretation of very high energy gamma rays if they also turn out to be due to Dark Matter annihilations. Here, we propose a way to accomodate the existence of both signals being produced by Dark Matter annihilations
more » ... annihilations through the existence of two stable (neutral) Dark Matter particles, as is possible in theories inspired from N=2 supersymmetry.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.69.101302 fatcat:iceus37pdvcpdjztqsxdadtcvm