Features Of Structure Of The Handbook Teaching Reading Foreign Language Texts Of Professional Orientation

E. Kargina
2018 Zenodo  
Creation of profile handbooks teaching reading foreign language literature in the direction of preparation is one of the important problems at the present stage of technological development of teaching foreign language in technical university. The article is devoted to the consideration of structural features of the handbook teaching reading foreign language texts of professional orientation. The main principles of creating and structuring handbooks are noted: careful selection and dosing of
more » ... cational information, the correct sequence of its presentation and feedback organization. The variant of the material organization in class-topics is presented that gives the ability to place the texts in a more logical sequence; to reduce significantly the number of new terms in one lesson; to increase repeatability of these terms. The character of pretext and post text exercises is considered on the basis of the analysis of lexical and grammatical difficulties which students meet when working on texts on the direction of preparation. It is emphasized that exercises have to be directed: on the assimilation of terminological minimum and syntactic words; on overcoming the grammatical difficulties characteristic of scientific prose language; on the development of the ability to read and understand literature in the direction of preparation without a dictionary. Special attention should be paid to the exercises constructed on the material of schemes, drawings and pictures which are the integral feature of the technical text. Visibility can be one of the ways of the feedback organization because the student can easily find the answer to this or that question by means of the scheme, the drawing or the picture at enough well picked up illustrations.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1147098 fatcat:ag6ze3wwzjd53ijytzniomawru