Determination of dryout localization using a five-equation model of annular flow for boiling in minichannels

Jan Wajs, Dariusz Mikielewicz
2017 Archives of Thermodynamics  
Detailed studies have suggested that the critical heat flux in the form of dryout in minichannels occurs when the combined effects of entrainment, deposition, and evaporation of the film make the film flow rate go gradually and smoothly to zero. Most approaches so far used the mass balance equation for the liquid film with appropriate formulations for the rate of deposition and entrainment respectively. It must be acknowledged that any discrepancy in determination of deposition and entrainment
more » ... on and entrainment rates, together with cross-correlations between them, leads to the loss of accuracy of model predictions. Conservation equations relating the primary parameters are established for the liquid film and vapor core. The model consists of three mass balance equations, for liquid in the film as well as two-phase core and the gas phase itself. These equations are supplemented by the corresponding momentum equations for liquid in the film and the two-phase core. Applicability of the model has been tested on some experimental data.
doi:10.1515/aoter-2017-0007 fatcat:6e77h7ffzvg5hekwf3nnmqcrbq