Олена Медведь, Вікторія Рижкова
2020 Humanities journal  
The article deals with the logical-linguistic parameters of a narrow-branch term system.The main rationale for the systemic nature of terminology is the system of term-concept relationships: the place of the term in the term-system is determined by the place of the concept in the corresponding system of concepts. In logic, the conceptual system is considered as a set of concepts and relations between them, that is, at the specified level of organization of the term system we can define two
more » ... can define two basic system parameters: the presence of certain conceptual categories – the broadest in terms of meaning; conceptual connections between terms at the intra-categorical and inter-categorical levels.On the verbal level, it is necessary to distinguish the following system-forming parameters: the structural typology of terms and their term-forming relationships.Understanding the systemic system of the term system as a phenomenon of the dual logico-linguistic plan requires a clearer identification of the relationship between the logical and linguistic factors of its formation.
doi:10.32620/gch.2019.4.12 fatcat:jehlqen4xngqnnew6byr2yuqry