Diseño de actividades cooperativas en ambientes virtuales: Elaboración de una propuesta

Norka Bedregal-Alpaca, Lucy Delgado-Barra, Karim Guevara, Arasay Padrón-Álvarez
2020 Proceedings of the 18th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology: Engineering, Integration, And Alliances for A Sustainable Development" "Hemispheric Cooperation for Competitiveness and Prosperity on A Knowledge-Based Economy"   unpublished
University professors face the challenge of incorporating activities that promote student engagement, discussion, conflict resolution, and teamwork. In this context, cooperative learning emerges as the pedagogical model that fosters teamwork capacity; organizes students into groups where joint and coordinated work reinforces individual and collective learning. The proposal presented facilitates the design of cooperative activities that consider the necessary interdependence between learning,
more » ... ching, content and context. In addition to explaining how to articulate all these aspects, it also places the student as the center of the training process, for this it collects the main guidelines of cooperative learning and enriches the learning environment with the potentials of management knowledge and communication provided by Information and Communication Technologies. To support the proposal, the results obtained in four subjects are presented, three of which are of a mathematical nature; results show improvements in student learning.
doi:10.18687/laccei2020.1.1.45 fatcat:enn7fw4ppncx3h6nd747capfeq