Car License Plate Recognition using Color Fea of Persian License Plates

Amir Ebrahimi, Abdollah
Car license plate recognition is addressed in of intelligent transportation systems, it is absolutely essential to implement a strong license plate recognition system. Efforts were made to put forward a novel reliable method for car license plate recognition in Iran. system comprises three main parts. The first part is the license plate detection stage. The blue color feature of the license plate margin along with Scale Feature Transform (SIFT) algorithm were used for this purp the presented
more » ... hod over the database was approximately second. License plate morphological features were utilized upon character segmentation. Using these features, areas with sizes close to that of the characters of a license plate may be searched probabilistic neural network together with a Support Vector Machine (SVM) was employed at the character recognition stage. For this stage, an accuracy of nearly 97% in 55 milliseconds for each license plate was achieved