Spurious Diapycnal Mixing Associated with Advection in az-Coordinate Ocean Model

Stephen M. Griffies, Ronald C. Pacanowski, Robert W. Hallberg
2000 Monthly Weather Review  
This paper discusses spurious diapycnal mixing associated with the transport of density in a z-coordinate ocean model. A general method, based on the work of Winters and collaborators, is employed for empirically diagnosing an effective diapycnal diffusivity corresponding to any numerical transport process. This method is then used to quantify the spurious mixing engendered by various numerical representations of advection. Both coarse and fine resolution examples are provided that illustrate
more » ... e importance of adequately resolving the admitted scales of motion in order to maintain a small amount of mixing consistent with that measured within the ocean's pycnocline. Such resolution depends on details of the advection scheme, momentum and tracer dissipation, and grid resolution. Vertical transport processes, such as convective adjustment, act as yet another means to increase the spurious mixing introduced by dispersive errors from numerical advective fluxes.
doi:10.1175/1520-0493(2000)128<0538:sdmawa>2.0.co;2 fatcat:cggpcgkdbbclzer2yyeqqybwmq