ETHICAL LEADERSHIP and its impact on organizational integrity: analytical research at sumer university

Rafik Jaber Hussein, Dr. Muhammad Yassin Al-Hashmawi
2022 International journal of research in social sciences and humanities  
This research seeks to demonstrate the impact of ethical leadership on organizational integrity in the research sample organization, and to diagnose and explain the relationship between research variables and its dimensions, and based on the basic problem by asking about (the extent of the impact of ethical leadership as an influential variable represented by its dimensions (justice, integrity, clarification of the role, guidance). Ethical) in organizational integrity as a responsive variable
more » ... presented by its dimensions (organizational optimism, organizational sympathy, organizational trust, organizational tolerance) and accordingly, a hypothetical scheme was designed for research showing the relationship between the main variables, including its dimensions, and a set of main and subsidiary hypotheses were deduced in order to reach a conclusion. The results, the descriptive-analytical approach was used in presenting and interpreting the research data and information, and the questionnaire was used as a main tool in collecting information in addition to personal interviews and field observations. It was determined by a comprehensive inventory method, and (211) questionnaires were distributed, and (196) valid for analysis were retrieved, representing the research sample. B-statistical hypothesis testing. The statistical analysis concluded a number of results, the most prominent of which was the existence of an influence relationship between the variables of the current research. This indicates that ethical leadership has an effective and influential role in achieving organizational integrity, in addition to the fact that moral leadership has a strong and direct relationship with organizational integrity. As for the most important conclusions, it was represented that moral guidance and organizational optimism are among the most applied dimensions in the university
doi:10.37648/ijrssh.v12i04.029 fatcat:65eothu46nfz3bsqfv46kxbpna