Differentiation of random structure properties using wavelet analysis of backscattered ultrasound

Barbara Gambin, Janusz Wojcik, Olga Doubrovina
The aim of this work was to find the differences between random media by analyzing the properties of the ultrasound signals backscattered from the inhomogeneities. A numerical model is used to generate two types of random media. The first has the randomness in scatterers' positions and the second has the randomness in the size and acoustical properties of scatterers. The numerical model of wave scattering has been used to simulate the RF (radio frequency) signals caused by the incident pulse
more » ... veling as a plane wave. The markers of randomness type differences between the scattering media were obtained with the help of the spectral and wavelet analysis. The effect of differences in randomness type is more spectacular when the wavelet analysis is performed.