Theoretical simulation of parameters of cleaning sugar beet heads from remnants of leaves by flexible blade

Volodimir Bulgakov, Ivan Golovach, Semjons Ivanovs, Yevhen Ihnatiev
2017 unpublished
In our previous works we obtained analytical dependencies characterising the impact interaction that arises when the heads of the root crops are cleaned from the remnants of tops (leaves) by means of a flexible cleaning blade. In order to find a more perfect and complete result, which could be used by the designers of sugar beet harvesting machines, the research in this technological process needs to be continued in the direction of numerical simulation of the dependencies on the PC. In
more » ... ce with the compiled programme of numerical calculations in the Mathcad system, numerical calculations were executed of the kinematic and design parameters of a flexible cleaning blade depending on the design parameters of the cleaning blade, the physical and mechanical properties of the sugar beet tops (leaves) and conditions of cleaning without extracting the roots themselves from the soil. On the basis of the results of calculations graphical dependencies were built of the angular velocity ω of the rotational movement of the flexible cleaning blade upon the indicated parameters of the cleaner, allowing estimation of their optimal value.
doi:10.22616/erdev2017.16.n055 fatcat:bhbkoc44f5evfc4pce6qrpiwxu