Status of Groundwater Aquifers, Water Quality, Sources of Contamination, and Future Challenges in Bangladesh: A Comprehensive Review

M. S. Shajedul
2022 Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management  
The groundwater resource of Bangladesh is under increasing threat from population growth, over-water mining, quick urbanization, and pollution from industrial events with domestic and agricultural activities. The objective of this paper is to review over a hundred well-recognized national and international journals, conference proceedings, reports, and other related documents on the status of groundwater aquifers, water quality, sources of contamination, and future challenges in Bangladesh to
more » ... velop sustainable groundwater resource management. The study observed that groundwater in several zones in the country has been contaminated with elevated levels of dissolved elements. Temporary hardness in countrywide groundwater was found in higher ranges for all purposes while except for bicarbonate, all anions did not cross the guideline value. Among the metal contaminants, arsenic found in the shallow aquifer at an alarming level throughout the country threatened public health, and millions of consumers are suffering from severe and chronic poisoning from arsenic riches water. Additionally, climate change and sea-level rise are likely with increasing salinity and various nutrient concentrations in the coastal aquifer systems of the country, and that water is not fit for domestic and agricultural uses.
doi:10.4314/jasem.v26i8.3 fatcat:6szcbsgqmjejbkqvv5izak2ck4