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>' t. Twenty Pages 471-4591 fhtUX JJy«5P ^UT>-r?^ %, m&k*' 4 ^p-Ojfi 64 th Legislature Opens With Ceremonies &• tt By DAVID HENDRICKS t *" and Y$K' t' ' -SCOTT TAGLIARINO <<>-""'e 'J Texan Staff Writers -W:':;-:i ^ Springlake Rep. Bill Clayton 7 '-Was .overwhelmingly voted speaker of :the four Travis County representatives. The delegation dean,:Rep. Sarah Weddmgton, voted for Parker while Reps. Wilhelmina Delco, Ronnie Earle and GonZalo Barnentos voted for Clayton. -The House: recessed after
more » ... yton's House. Tuesday as the 64th Legislature s ^acceptance speech, but'Iater reconvened .opened, facing many challenges -andh' *-J -J ' • problems. " -, : ••:••: Calling it "perhaps one of the greatestwmoments of my life," Clayton won the*-' ^ speakership with 112* votes over Port? .Arthur Rep. Carl Parker's 33 votes. .--, ! . AFTER BEING administered, the oatb» ^ .of offlcet Clayton spoke before the House ^ ^members, listing school finance;proper-1 ty taxreform.andenergy conservation' ?s some of the top priorities during the-, 140-daysession. -" ^He refilled speculations aliout his abili ty to-4ead. the 'House "and drew"'loud "ft applause whenhe said, "I stand before -to decide on a monthly operating budget. Meanwhile, the Senate met for a brief * two-hour session^ just 'long enough to elect a president pro tempore and decide against five new Senate rules amendments proposed by State-.Sen. Oscar Mauzy of Dallas. • , " Once Lt Gov. Bill Hobby had '{ailed the senators together "and the 15 new members were sworn'in by, Texas ' Supreme Court Chief Justice Joe Mauzy's' proposals' included holding open meetings of Senate confirmation hearings rather than executive sessions, changing the procedure for When the Senate can considers bill, making it possible for the^Senate to re-refer bills from one committee to another,-naming committee assignments through election on the Senate, floor and eliminating the filibuster.. • *.<' j{-On each resolution -introduced by Mauzy, Schwartz called the opposition, and all'five proposals. were defeated by overwhelming-margins.-EXPLAIMNGthe/problemof naming committee assignments -through Senate election,Schwartz said,. "It, is so much elections, consumer affairs and health. public THE SENATE adjourned until 10 a.m. Wednesday, when later in the morning it will meet in joint session with the House to dedicate a bronze bust of the late President Johnson, \yhich will be placed in the Senate foyer. 'The House will begin grappling' Wednesday with its own operating rules, which include its committee, structure Clayton has released a resolution setting out what rules and committees he wants. A ^ i jfc »sc (Related Story & Photo, Pag* 3.) you today to say the days of iron-hand" , rule are gone. The public won't^tand for-• it, the-members won't stand for it, and most of all, I won't stand for it." '• ->. . >•• The new speaker. Who first claimed" 1 victory last Sept 3, was nominated by ' . San Angelo Rep. Tom Massey, who in a '; speech emphasized Clayton's reputation; •' ; -and his pledge of fairness. Paricer was vnominated by Angieton Rep. Neil : Caldwell, who chaired the Housie Ap-c .. propriations Committee during the ipst' /.session: Caldwell warned Clayton mi^it • yield to powers which have tempted past speakers. He said Parker would not in crease the number of committees as' Clayton proposes, thereby increasing the power of the speaker. THE 1}IQRE THAN three-to-one margin was reflected m the votes of the' ^tlw Uahtifilibustet" amei^rat|liftSW?^?Sre5bliUioB;^U8' for ;the was introduced, Schwartz was again on numb^r of committees to^ncrease from At the end of Tuesday's session, Clayton said he hoped the House would easier to bargain with one man. the Greenhill, the3i-member body proceed--j'.heutenant governor, than to bargain withmitte aw£iente wer^w^^ fei to elect San Antonio Seny Glenn «• <=31 individuals."'; U" . '^ -rT;; -• » le » w ^CKeI ' " • ••Kothmannaspresidentprotem^re^.a;' '"^ ' unanimous vote. • j Kothmann, who-was nominated' by ' Pasadena Sen: Chet Brooks and seconded £ '•by five senators, said in-accepting :the honorary position that he hoped his fellow members' would. work alongside him during the busy session ahead. THE MAIN • controversy • of the day came in the 'form .bffa irunnihg debate.' . between Mauzy and Sen. A:R. Schwartz .of Galveston overthefiVeproposedrules* 'amendments. '•. 1 • ; : his feet calling the measure "a defiance ' of the basic rights of democracy." -After all five amendments met defeat, the secretary of' ttie Senate, Charles Schnab'el,: announced-committee assignments and assigned ail legislation to committees. *•' -* The committ»B;. 8tnicture remained -virtually unchanged Jfrom the 1973 ses-^jSion. However,t thiee new sobcom-' mittees Were-created in the areas, of ft P wAsse
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