A comparative study of psychological skills between junior level and senior level basketball players of Delhi

Mohd Khan, Mohd Correspondence, Khan, Mohd Khan
2016 394 International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health   unpublished
This study is aimed at to know the significance role of psychological skills on the performance of junior level basketball players of Delhi. Through this study we try to know the various psychological skills like concentration, confidence and goal setting affect the performance of the player of basketball players who have participated at state, national level championship. This study has been done on 60 players who are practicing at various training Centre of basketball New Delhi, and
more » ... ed at state, national level. Their performance was assessed and points were given by three experts who are the qualified coaches working in sports authority of India. And the marks of certificates were given. Questionnaire was filled by the basketball players of age group between 14 to 17 years. The statistical analysis was done by applying the mean, standard deviation, and ANOVA. After statistical analysis of the collected data's from the players of basketball players of New Delhi. Introduction Sports Psychology, the youngest of sports science, is concerned with the psychological effect derived from participation. Today many outlets and Coaches look to sport psychology for a competitive edge by seeking psychological training programme in order to learn among other thing. The Sport of Basketball is the game of high level agility or coordinative ability, speed which is not found in every person but as it is required for the game so these abilities or fitness components can be developed through basketball game. A person can be a very good basketball player by practicing for one or two years even No matter how skillful or fit a basketball player might be physically, this will count for nothing if the player is not psychologically skilled. To know the psychological skills this study is being done-The concentration, confidence and goal setting are the three variables which are the part of athletic coping skill inventory questionnaire which is constructed by R.E. Smith in 1994. It consist 28 statements which play an important role in the performance of game basketball. To effectively utilize these tools, it may be helpful to define each term. Concentration, attention and focus interchangeably used. Where the confidence affects their performance through their thoughts, behavior, and feelings. Performance and confidence were statistically significant and positively correlated. The world of sport recognizes the importance that confidence has on success Athletes are constantly evaluated on the level of confidence they have in their abilities to perform. As far as the goal setting is concerned it is an important part of any athlete's training plan, whether their goal is to improve their physical skills, mental skills, or just get more enjoyment out of their sport.