A Study on Orbit Stability and Control Method for Displaced Non-Keplerian Orbits by Using Pitch Angle Variation
변위 비케플러 궤도의 안정성 분석 및 피치각 변화를 이용한 제어기법 연구

Mingyu Kim, Jeongpyo Lee, Jeongrae Kim
2014 Journal of the Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences  
Displaced non-Keplerian orbit, center of mass is displaced from orbit plane, enables special spacecraft missions. It requires continuous thrust to maintain the orbit, and solar sail is useful for this purpose. Equations for feasible region and stability analysis are derived for non-Keplerian orbit for general continuous thrust. Differences for solar sail spacecraft are discussed. Non-keplerian orbits are classified into four types. Location-specific required accelerations for orbit maintenance
more » ... orbit maintenance are calculated. Orbit stabilities of each orbit type are analyzed and verified by numerical simulations. In order to control non-Keplerian orbit in unstable region, a control algorithm using the real-time LQR control is developed and evaluated by numerical simulations.
doi:10.5139/jksas.2014.42.10.823 fatcat:mlpsjxp6ijeafotjue7ufuto34