A Multi-Keyword Searchable Encryption Scheme Based on Probability Trapdoor over Encryption Cloud Data

Yuan Ping, Wei Song, Zhili Zhang, Weiping Wang, Baocang Wang
2020 Information  
With the rapid development of cloud computing, massive data are transferred to cloud servers for storage and management savings. For privacy concerns, data should be encrypted before being uploaded. In the encrypted-domain (ED), however, many data computing methods working in the plain-domain are no longer applicable. Data retrieval has become a significant obstacle to cloud storage services. To break through this limitation, we propose a multi-keyword searchable encryption scheme by
more » ... probability trapdoors. Firstly, a keywords probability trapdoor is established to ensure that the scheme can resist indistinguishable attacks. Based on the keywords trapdoor, we present the keywords vector to make the scheme realize multi-keyword search in the process of data retrieval in the ED. Both security and performance analysis confirm the advantages of the proposed scheme in terms of search functionality and complexity.
doi:10.3390/info11080394 fatcat:kxx527tx4vgj5dhf47yzm3yye4