Stereotyping of Social Network Service with Contents of Fashion and Fashion Design Process Using a Method to Form Network
패션을 콘텐츠로 한 소셜네트워크서비스의 유형화와 네트워크 형성 방법을 활용한 패션디자인프로세스

Min-Jung Im, Young-In Kim
2014 The Korean Society of Costume  
1) The purpose of this study is to suggest an effective fashion design process using social network services(SNS) as a method to develop designs. Fashion design process was systemized through literature study. The characteristics of social network, and element and method of network formation were investigated, and then design processes using SNS were suggested through survey study. This was done by applying formation of network and its method in SNS with contents of fashion to stage of process
more » ... o develop fashion design. The study results are as follows. First, Fashion design process using SNS is composed of 5 stages. Second, SNS types with contents of fashion were classified to five types: blog, community, connection of fashion web service and SNS, fashion SNS, and fashion SNS game. Among them, types where development of fashion design and product distribution was done by formation of network are connected type of fashion web service and SNS, fashion SNS type. Fashion design development can be done by compiling, having contests, and cooperative work. A method that can be used for making assessments and decision is voting and predicting the market. Third, Fashion design process using SNS is composed of the stages such as planning, compiling, analysis, decision, implementation, and formation of network. It was analyzed that by connecting stages of collection and evaluation of information through participation of users, new contents were produced and there was a structure that was cycled continuously.
doi:10.7233/jksc.2014.64.4.021 fatcat:t3rz2c5k2zgthcsauc7qnca42a