Water Table Level as Influenced by Rainfall, Crop Requirements, and Tiling Method during the Past Six Years [report]

Kenneth T. Pecinovsky, Jeffery D. Cook
2009 unpublished
In 1979, a portion of the research farm was pattern tiled to provide a good soil environment for large tillage trial plots. This was used as an opportunity to compare tile installation methods; a conventional trenching machine (used widely prior to the late 70s) and a trenchless "tile plow" machine. The tile plow inserted plastic tile using a mole approach, which remains to be the primary tiling method after the late 1970s for field drainage. Past research on this study has shown that plow and
more » ... hown that plow and trenching methods were not significantly different and both provided adequate drainage. Research showed that water table measurements were influenced more by timing of water needs of the crop being grown and intensity of the rainfall event.
doi:10.31274/farmprogressreports-180814-838 fatcat:zlxn3rvtmrcvtgenpzvk5zjrmu