Análise filogenética de Questidae e Clitellata: o problema da parafilia de "Polychaeta"

André R. S. Garraffoni, Dalton S. Amorim
2003 Iheringia: Série Zoologia  
PHYLOGENETIC ANALISYS OF THE QUESTIDAE AND CLITELLATA: THE "POLYCHAETA" PARAPHYLY PROBLEM. Hypotheses about the phylogenetic relationships within Questidae, and the relationships of this taxon with Clitellata using parsimony analysis of 35 external and internal morphological characters of 36 terminal taxons are presented. The results show the position of Questidae within Scolecida and Clitellata. Within the Polychaeta, Clitellata is the sister group of the Questidae. The results also indicate
more » ... lts also indicate that the Scolecida, Microdrilli, Polychaeta, Oligochaeta and Tubificidae are paraphyletic. Clitellata, Megadrilli, Questidae, Hirudinae are monophyletic.
doi:10.1590/s0073-47212003000100011 fatcat:52cbreqycraybajxo2ztug37hy