CAS-CNN: A deep convolutional neural network for image compression artifact suppression

Lukas Cavigelli, Pascal Hager, Luca Benini
Lossy image compression algorithms are pervasively used to reduce the size of images transmitted over the web and recorded on data storage media. However, we pay for their high compression rate with visual artifacts degrading the user experience. Deep convolutional neural networks have become a widespread tool to address high-level computer vision tasks very successfully. Recently, they have found their way into the areas of low-level computer vision and image processing to solve regression
more » ... olve regression problems mostly with relatively shallow networks. We present a novel 12-layer deep convolutional network for image compression artifact suppression with hierarchical skip connections and a multi-scale loss function. We achieve a boost of up to 1.79 dB in PSNR over ordinary JPEG and an improvement of up to 0.36 dB over the best previous ConvNet result. We show that a network trained for a specific quality factor (QF) is resilient to the QF used to compress the input image-a single network trained for QF 60 provides a PSNR gain of more than 1.5 dB over the wide QF range from 40 to 76.
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000198586 fatcat:kyuj3je2irhcvanv6qkvwuxvz4