Economic Insights-Trends and Challenges Economic Profitability of Fodder Production for Young Cattle Fattening

Slavica Arsić, Nataša Kljajić, Predrag Vuković
Although Serbia is a country with favorable, developed agricultural region, there are areas that are not suitable for an intensive farming production because of their pedologic structure. Those areas still can be used for cattle (ruminants) feeding and breeding. They are especially suitable for fattening cattle in cow-young cattle system and fattening of young cattle, where good results have been achieved. This system of cattle breeding on pastures and meadows represents an extensive and
more » ... xtensive and cheaper beef production and is mostly related to those areas. The aim of this paper work is to point to the possible use of meadows and pastures as basic and cheapest fodder in the production of fodder. In order to enable stable and economic milk and meat production and breeding progeny, it is necessary to pay attention to the production of quality bulk fodder and concentrate. It is also necessary to create standards for nutritive value of bulk fodder which would be required on farms and households. That is the most important condition necessary in achieving rational concentrate mixture use and lowering food cost and therefore achieving the production which would be more economical.