An Effective Method for Waste Paper Treatment Using a New Kneading Action. TAIZEN Washer has a Concentration System to Extract Fiber within the White Water and Awarded the Sasaki Prize in 1999 for this Innovative Technology
新しいもみ動作による効果的な古紙処理法 「タイゼン式濃縮洗浄機及び白水繊維回収機」とその関連技術

Hideaki Matsukura
The waste paper treatment technology that the TAIZEN Washer offers, is applicable to process a large quantity of waste paper caused when paper products are diversified and from various printing technoligies. The washer uses a de-concentration system in a drum washer where a continuous flow dilutes and drains the contaminants on a simultaneous basis. It has aperforated drum with an internal metal netting to drain the waste water morefrequently and not to solidify pulp slurry. The simplified
more » ... n of this machinefacilitates maintenance, and widely used. Also it gives high brightness and removesash well, being ideal to recycle the waste paper having a high ratio of fillercompound. In addition, higher yield and greater energy savings and lower wasteconsumption can be gained. Together with this washer, another our "New TAIZEN" having a 3-shift kneadingsystem for pre-processing of de-inking and removing ash, is also recommendable.
doi:10.2524/jtappij.54.31 fatcat:am3fda2hmre3dc3xhgj6q5efom