The use of TI-208 gamma rays for safeguards, nondestructive-assay (NDA) measurements [report]

R. B. Oberer, L. G. Chiang, M. J. Norris, C. A. Gunn, B. C. Adaline
2009 unpublished
This paper examines two cases where gamma rays from Tl-208, including the 2614keV gamma ray, were used to detect anomalies in waste material. In addition to the characterization of waste for waste acceptance, and compliance with environmental and transportation laws, there is a safeguards element as well. The more sophisticated method of NDA at Y-12 includes a means to detect shielded special nuclear material (SNM). Excess count rates in the 2614keV gamma ray from Tl-208 are an indication of
more » ... an indication of potential shielded HEU in waste as well as other containers. The 2614keV gamma ray is easy to monitor routinely. When a large 2614keV peak is detected, further investigation can be conducted from the gamma spectrum. This paper describes this further investigation in two cases. In one case self-shielded HEU was detected. In the other case the Tl-208 gamma rays came from a piece of Th-232 metal.
doi:10.2172/1009245 fatcat:s4xtflvsl5dqbeeso3qt2kgc54