Basics in molecular evolution of colorectal cancer and their implications for the surgeon: is it a 'big-bang' or a 'survival of the toughest'?

Pramodh C Chandrasinghe
2018 The Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery  
Multi disciplinary management of cancer has enabled a comprehensive involvement of clinicians in disease management. For the surgeon involved in colorectal cancer (CRC) management it is pertinent to possess a basic knowledge in tumour biology for effective participation. Several models exist to explain the intra tumour heterogeneity (ITH) seen in cancers; clonal expansion, big-bang theory and the cancer stem cell theory. All of these aim to describe the extreme variability seen within cell
more » ... en within cell populations in solid tumours and their implications on clinical management. This review aims to provide the practising surgeon a basic knowledge of colorectal tumour biology and their implications in clinical phenomena.
doi:10.4038/sljs.v36i2.8511 fatcat:z77smmde25bsvixu26qk2mw4xa