V Anusha, T Lakshmi Priya
2014 International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science   unpublished
Authentication is essential thing in every application implementation. Because in recent years attackers are trying to theft the secret information or private data by hacking the passwords. They are getting the secrete passwords or authentication keys very easily by continuous monitoring the system or guessing the passwords. The application in the network which is having login service as authentication, required more security to provide security to the information inside the application.
more » ... application. Because login step is the first door step to the any application. If the intruder know the login credentials, it becomes easy to get all the data in the system. Now a day's online users have been rapidly increased in the real world. The difficulty is how secure we are for our privacy details that means password. The main goal of this project is to reduce the guessing attacks and encouraging users in selecting better passwords so that it becomes difficult to guess for the unauthenticated users. Automated Turing Tests continued to be a useful, simple to deploy approach to identify automated malicious login attempts with reasonable cost of difficulty to users. In this paper we propose the inadequacy of existing and proposed login protocols designed to address large-scale online dictionary attacks. Proposes a Password Guessing Resistant Protocol (PGRP), derived upon revisiting prior proposals designed to restrict such attacks.